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Police receive thanks after saving man's life

Officers who saved a man’s life in Bournemouth met the survivor and his family at an emotional gathering this week.

On Friday 6 June 2014 Brian Bailey, 72 and of Ringwood, accompanied someone at Bournemouth Magistrates Court when he suffered a heart attack. Police Constables Claire Jephcott and Mike Gatfield were at Court and immediately rushed to his aid, performing CPR. 

Police Constables Dan Frost, Clare Gillard and Gavin Saunders and Police Sergeant Lynn Jackson also assisted with the lifesaving efforts prior to the paramedics arriving.

An ambulance transported Mr Bailey to Hospital, with PS Jackson continuing to assist the paramedic within the vehicle. 

Mr Bailey was taken to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in a critical condition. On arrival it seemed unlikely that he would survive, however, he has since made an amazing recovery. In a letter that he wrote to police, following the incident he said: “I owe your officers an immense debt of gratitude.

“Because of their response to my heart attack last year, I have so far enjoyed time with my family, spent more precious time with my grandchildren and I am looking forward to hopefully celebrating many more family occasions over the next few years.

“I wanted to let the officers know what a great job they do and how many people’s lives their ability to react to a situation has touched.”

On Wednesday 29 April 2015 Mr Bailey attended Bournemouth police station with his wife, son, daughter, grandson and other family members – all of whom gave emotional and appreciative thanks to the officers for their performance on that day.  Mr Bailey then presented the officers with a crystal glass, engraved with ‘Thank you for saving my life’. 

Chief Inspector Mike Claxton, of Bournemouth police, said: “I feel great pride for my officers, all of whom commented that when they knew Mr Bailey had survived, they felt an immense sense of achievement.

“We take our training very seriously, and in this case it enabled them to save a man’s life. In fact one of the PCs had conducted her annual First Aid refresher the day before this incident.”

The family of Mr Baily expressed their gratitude to the officers, with his 8-year-old grandson reading out a card which stated ‘Thank you for allowing me to spend a few more years with my grandad’.

Issued: 1 May 2015

Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey's family and officers