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Police biker urges fellow riders to kit up

Warning Graphic image of a serious injuryMotorcyclists in Dorset are being urged to ride safely and always wear appropriate protective kit – as police release an image of an injured biker.

The motorcyclist pictured in the accompanying image was travelling at a low speed when he came off his bike.

Dorset Police Bikesafe Co-ordinator, PC Chris Smith, said: “We’ve had some fantastic weather for riding lately and it’s great to see so many bikers out and about.

“However I cannot stress enough that you should always wear protective clothing – even if you are travelling at low speeds and short distances. The lad pictured fell off his bike at a relatively low speed in an urban area. I can’t imagine what might have happened on a fast road at a higher speed, the damage would have been life changing.”

PC Smith is once again a regular feature at the popular Dream Machines bike night, held at Poole Quay every Tuesday evening throughout the summer months.

Traffic officers also carry out patrols in the area to ensure motorcyclists do not ride in a dangerous or anti-social manner on their way to and from the event.

In July 2013, a motorcyclist was stopped on his way home from the event by an officer in an unmarked police car. He had overtaken the officer at 84 miles per hour in a 40 zone while carrying out a wheelie. He was reported for dangerous driving and careless driving and issued with a Section 59 notice – which means if he should act in a similar way within a 12-month period his motorcycle is liable for seizure.

PC Smith continued: “The bike night events are a great opportunity to meet other bikers and it’s a great chance for us to share tips and advice about safer riding.

“The majority of bikers we see are safe and considerate to other road users but I would remind all motorcyclists that we do have officers on patrol and we will take action against those who ruin it for the rest of us by riding in an unsafe or dangerous manner.”

Issued: 1 August 2013