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Over 200 motoring offences detected in crackdown

Officers caught hundreds of motorists flouting the law during a targeted ‘no excuse’ operation in Dorset.

Enforcement officers staged the operation during the evening of Tuesday 26 August 2014 on the main routes around Poole, including the A35, A31, A348, A350 and A352.

The aim of the ‘no excuse’ day of action was to target motorcyclists and drivers following community concerns about speeding in the area.

One member of the public wrote: “They are putting their lives and local people’s lives in great danger.” Another stated: “I know you can’t be everywhere, but it is concerning that some drivers think the roads are raceways. I fully support what you do and it protects me and my family.”

Of the 207 motoring offences detected during the operation, 194 were for speeding. 

One man stopped for speeding offered the excuse: “I need the toilet.” While another man caught travelling at 71mph in a 50mph zone told the officer: “My wife is going to kill me.”

A total of six vehicles were seized by officers for being driven without insurance and several drivers received tickets for driving without due care and attention and inconsiderate driving.

One driver, who thought it a good idea to flash his headlights to warn oncoming motorists there were officers about, found himself flashing an unmarked police car. When he was stopped, officers discovered he had no tax or insurance and his vehicle was seized.

Brian Austin, Operations Manager for Road Safety at Dorset Police, said: “Although reports received from the public raised concerns over motorcycles and cars there were very few bikes out on the night.

“This ‘no excuse’ operation yet again proves that motorists are still putting themselves and other road users at risk with their bad driving.

“While this continues, so will our ‘no excuse’ operations.”

Issued: 27 August 2014