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Operation targets road users to improve safety in Dorchester

Police officers from Dorchester have been targeting drivers to improve road safety in the town.

Operation Yen, run on Friday 8 July 2011 from 6pm through until 2am, aimed at reducing anti-social vehicle use in Dorchester town centre.

The operation ran on two levels. During the first from 6pm - 10pm, officers visited licensed premises to meet young drivers and talk to them about the dangers and consequences involved in anti-social and dangerous driving.

The second part of the operation was held between 10pm and 2am as two teams based themselves on Weymouth Avenue by the Sawmills and London Road, as they stop checked vehicles under section 163 of the Road Traffic Act.

During the operation 146 vehicles were stopped, with 14 breath test procedures carried out, of which there was not a single positive reading (for driving under the influence of alcohol).

One section 27 notice (under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006) was issued and a juveniles parents were called to collect her and return her home.

One ticket was issued for a worn tyre and one ticket was issued to a driver who was not wearing their seat belt.

Inspector Les Fry, Neighbourhood Inspector for Dorchester and Sherborne, said: "As with all anti-social type complaints – the minority spoil it for the majority. Reckless driving can have a seriously negative impact on other road users and can make driving extremely dangerous. We are very pleased with these results as they demonstrate that drivers are taking their responsibilities seriously.

“We were also encouraged by the support of the drivers that were stopped and the wider community who were in the whole very supportive of the action that was being taken.

“This operation has sent out another very positive message that we are committed to continuing to reducing road casualties across the Dorchester area and we plan to carry out the operation on further dates in the town”

The operation supports Dorset Police’s summer Drink Drive campaign and the ‘no excuse’ project, launched by the Dorset Road Safe partnership in January 2010. It focuses on driver distraction, the use of seatbelts, excessive speed and impairment (drink and drugs). It is supported by a strong multi-agency message aimed at reducing death and injury.