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Operation Columbus - International Students

For many years Dorset has been welcoming students from all over the world, who come to experience life in Britain and to enhance their English language skills.

Dorset has so much to offer and the majority of these students will gain enormously from their stay, enjoying the contact with local people in an atmosphere of friendship and understanding.

Together with many of our partner agencies, we are committed to safeguarding our visitors and ensuring that they are able to enjoy their stay in Dorset, to be safe and to gain as much as possible from their learning experience.  To that end we have consulted widely and as a result updated the Op Columbus Manual of Guidance and supporting leaflet.

Copies of both the Manual and the leaflet are available by contacting the People, Confidence and Equality Team.  Further details are available from our website by following this link >

Issued: 23 June 2015