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New dogs licensed to make Dorset safer

Dorset Police’s Dog Section is celebrating after two new dog handlers on the section successfully gained their license to start patrolling with their canine companions.

Police Constable Sue Crisell, with police dog Monty – and Police Constable Andy Parkins with police dog Caro – joined the section earlier this year and have both been successfully licensed as dog handlers.

To be licensed as a dog handler, officers have to complete an intensive and gruelling training programme – which is overseen by a dedicated Dog Section trainer – before being assessed by an officer from an outside police force.

Dog Section Inspector Alan Ewart said: “Both officers are to be congratulated for successfully completing what proved to be a very arduous course.

“Both handlers have formed very strong bonds with their dogs. Police dog Monty is a very young dog – only 16 months old – and it is unusual for one so young to licence. This is testament to the bond that he and Sue have formed.

“Police dog Caro is a very high drive dog and was a real challenge for a novice handler. Andy has done exceptionally well to achieve a high level of control over the dog.

“PC Dave Henrys, who oversaw the training of both handlers and dogs, also did an excellent job to make sure they were ready to be licensed.”

Monty and Caro join a team of 16 other general purpose police dogs who are able to carry out a whole range of policing roles, along with their dedicated handlers – including searching for people, chasing and detaining suspects and working with firearms officers at armed incidents. 

Both PC Crisell and Monty – and PC Parkin and Caro – are based at Ferndown Dog Section but are able to respond to incidents anywhere across Dorset when required. 


Police Constable Sue Crisell with police dog Monty
Police Constable Andy Parkins with police dog Caro