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New dog breed at Dorset Police

For the first time, Dorset Police is using a Belgian Malinois in service, as 18-month-old bitch Layla is licensed for patrol work.

Layla was supplied by Hampshire Constabulary and together with her dog handler, Police Sergeant Glenn Batt, completed a 12 week initial course in Hampshire from 5 July to 23 September 2010.

Layla will be used for tracking and detaining offenders; building, property and open searches; and public disorder work.

Police Sergeant Glenn Batt, from the Dorset Police Dog Section, said: “We decided to purchase a Malinois to give us more insight into the training of different breeds and to give us more scope in the future when selecting dogs for police work.

“Layla has replaced my German Shepherd dog, Flynn, who had to be retired from police work age six years on medical grounds. He has remained with me and will continue to do so throughout his retirement.

“In Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as in the US, the Malinois is bred primarily as a working dog for personal protection, detection, police work, search and rescue and sport work. The United States Secret Service uses this breed exclusively.”

Layla will be based at Ferndown kennels covering the east of Dorset including Bournemouth and Poole.