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Meet Student Police Officer Natalie!

Natalie is a student officer on our current police constable training course.


She tells us what made her want to become a Dorset Police Officer;

I have worked for Dorset Police since I was 19 years old after I started out on an apprenticeship working as office support. After a few weeks I knew I wanted to continue working for Dorset Police and was considering becoming a police officer.

However, before starting as a police officer I first joined as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). I had great job satisfaction in my role as a PCSO but 6 years on I felt training to become a police officer was the next step for me.

All my experiences working for Dorset Police helped me to decide that I wanted to become a police officer. I love communicating with different people and really enjoy going to work knowing there is something different every hour, let alone every day.

I’m also the third generation to join Dorset Police after my mum and her mum! I think my family are pleased I have continued the tradition!


Natalie explains how she has found the training;

So far I have really enjoyed the personal safety training aspect of the course. I also secretly like the knowledge checks! It’s very overwhelming to learn so much and feel like you will never remember it all, but then it’s a huge confidence boost when you pass your knowledge check and realise it has actually sunk in!

Now I am really looking forward to getting back out on the streets and working with the public. I am very excited to put everything I’ve learnt in to practise.


Natalie gives us her recommendations for those hoping to become police officers in the future:

Be prepared to work hard throughout the training for both academic and fitness aspects.

Have some life experience, I was quite sheltered and found some subjects in training quite shocking which I think would’ve put me off if I was younger.

Just believe in yourself - I didn’t think I would get here but here I am!  Be prepared to put in 110% everyday!


As a previous PCSO, Natalie explains what it’s like transitioning into police officer training:

The training and role of a police officer isn’t as much like being a PCSO as you would think as you now have additional powers to deal with situations.

My experience as a PCSO is beneficial though as I have developed communication skills enabling me to consider peoples differing needs more effectively. I also think the role gives you an excellent insight into working with the public and seeing the types of jobs you will be dealing with. It also develops your communication skills which are of course key as a police officer.


Issued: 15 July 2015