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Launch of Dorset Road Safe Bike Lights initiative

The Dorset Road Safe ‘No Excuse’ team today launches its Bike Lights initiative in a bid to reduce the number of cycle casualties on the county’s roads. 

To coincide with the darker nights, police officers will be actively stopping cyclists found riding without lights.

Children and young people will be issued with a suitable warning on the consequences of riding without lights and visibility clothing.

Dorset Police officers with their bikes, lights and cycle helmets

Traffic officers will then fit a set of front and rear lights to the cycle and issue the rider with ‘No Excuse’ reflective snap bands and a fluorescent bag. This will be free to the child or young person and has been funded by Dorset Road Safe.

They will also be given an information letter to hand to their parents or guardians.

Adults spotted riding without lights will be issued with a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice and a Defect Notice.

If the rider takes their cycle to a police station within seven days to prove lights have been fitted correctly, the ticket will be cancelled.

Inspector Matt Butler, of Dorset Police Traffic Unit, said: “No Excuse is about recognising vulnerable road users and the behaviour that leads to collisions.

“Cyclists are a vulnerable road user group and this initiative aims to reduce the risk of harm posed to them, making sure cyclists – in particular children and young people – can be seen.

“All cyclists should wear a helmet, light coloured or fluorescent clothing in daylight and reflective clothing with bike lights in the dark. This will make sure that they are seen by other road users.

“Officers working on ‘No Excuse’ continue to target all road user behaviour that can lead to collisions - be that the poor driving of a motorist or the poor riding of a cyclist, including failing to stop at red lights.

 “I have seen many serious and fatal collisions involving cyclists. Irrespective of fault, in a collision between a car and a bicycle, the cyclist will always come off worse.”

The Bike Lights initiative will be staged on dates in November at various locations around Dorset and is part of the ongoing 'No Excuse' campaign.

ISSUED: 6 November 2013