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Keeping communities safe - MAPPA Report published

Dorset’s police, probation and prison services are welcoming the publication of the county’s Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) report on the management of serious sexual and violent offenders today, Monday.

Aimed at increasing and improving public accessibility and information, Dorset’s report – about protecting the public through strong partnerships – has been published in a practical, interesting and easy-to-read A4 format with graphics, charts and case examples.

Written in easy to understand language – and including explanations, contact telephone numbers and a glossary of terms – the report is available to the public via the websites of Dorset Police, the National Probation Service and the Prison Service.

It is the eighth year that the individual annual reports by the 42 responsible areas in England and Wales – including Dorset – have been published.

The Dorset report covers the financial year April, 2008, to March, 2009, and highlights the multi-agency work undertaken through MAPPA to protect communities from the risk posed by dangerous offenders.

Murray Shackleford, Assistant Chief Officer, Public Protection and Prisons for the Dorset Probation Area, said: “At its heart, the MAPPA system has the protection of the public and the management of risk to victims. It’s about protecting the public through strong partnerships.

“In order to achieve this, there are effective multi-agency arrangements in place to manage, monitor and review those offenders who pose the greatest level of risk. Publication of Dorset’s annual MAPPA report enables us to demonstrate the excellent joint agency working across the county to protect the public.

“There are no easy solutions to the complex problems exhibited by many of these cases and while risk cannot ever be entirely eliminated, MAPPA enables agencies to work together to more effectively protect local communities,” explained Mr Shackleford.

Dorset Police’s Head of Public Protection and Prevention, Detective Superintendent Mark Cooper, said: “Dorset Police works closely within the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) to ensure that the protection of the public comes first and I welcome this annual report on the work of MAPPA across Dorset.

“Dorset has developed a good multi-agency MAPPA process and the work of the county’s Strategic Management Board ensures that we continue to focus on the management of risk and the development of processes to enable us to provide the most efficient and effective arrangements.

“The MAPPA report outlines the arrangements which the responsible agencies have in place to supervise and monitor those offenders who pose the greatest risk to the public. The report also demonstrates how we are collaborating to reduce that risk.

“The Police, Probation and Prison Service have an excellent record for managing these types of offenders and maintaining very high standards to ensure that the public of Dorset are kept safe.

“The strength of the MAPPA arrangements in Dorset is strong and effective partnerships with local councils, health bodies, social services, voluntary agencies and housing associations.

“It is nationally recognised that Dorset is a safe place in which to live and, through this partnership approach, we can sustain our performance and make Dorset safe and the public feel safer,” explained Detective Superintendent Cooper.

MAPPA report