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Keep your car secure - Don't make it easy for thieves

Motorists in Boscombe and Poole are being warned not to leave their vehicles unlocked, following an increase in thefts from cars.

The number of thefts from vehicles in Poole between 1 April and 31 July has increased from 248 last year to 314 this year. A total of 140 thefts from vehicles took place in Poole last month alone.

The number of these offences in Boscombe increased from 60 between 1 April and 31 July last year to 102 during the same period this year.

Officers are reminding motorists of the importance of keeping their cars securely locked and not leaving valuables in their cars.

Jared Parkin, Poole Neighbourhood Chief Inspector, said: “A large number of the thefts from cars in Poole have been as a result of drivers leaving their cars unlocked.

“It is so important that people make sure they lock their cars, otherwise opportunist thieves will simply help themselves to whatever is left in the car.

“Don’t make it easy for thieves. Keep your car locked and don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.”

East Bournemouth Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Chris Weeks said: “My advice to motorists in Boscombe is to always ensure your car is securely locked.

“Opportunist thieves will try car door handles, so if you leave yours unlocked, thieves will help themselves to whatever they can find.

“Never leave valuables or items like Sat Nav or iPod chargers on display in your car.”

Officers in Poole and Boscombe will be handing out leaflets containing relevant crime prevention advice to motorists.