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Iford Bridge Home Park in Bournemouth evacuated

At 3am today, Wednesday 25 December 2013, a decision was made to evacuate Iford Bridge Home Park, in Bournemouth following a severe flood warning from the Environment Agency. Residents are being evacuated to the Boscombe Day Centre, Owl Road, in Boscombe. Dorset Police anticipate approximately 90 people will need to be accommodated.

Dorset Police, together with partner agencies have been monitoring the river levels of the River Stour closely, carrying out continual assessments and identifying the areas most at risk over the past 24 hours. Residents within those areas were alerted to the possibility of flooding and possible evacuation.

This is a full multi-agency operation.

Occupants of properties at risk of flooding who have concerns or are unsure what to do should contact the Environment Agency on 0845 988 1188, visit their website http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk or call the emergency services on 999 if urgent.

All agencies are working together on this operation and will continue throughout Christmas Day. 

Dorset Police advise members of the public to avoid wading into flood water as it may be deeper than anticipated. If driving caution should be exercised when approaching standing water on the roads. Driving through flood water should be avoided where possible. 

Keep up to date with the latest flood alerts and weather news by visiting http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk

Issued: 25 December 2013