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Goods vehicles checked in Ashley Heath

Dorset Police Traffic Officers and colleagues from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) conducted a day of action recently - with a number of heavy goods vehicles stopped.

The operation took place on Wednesday, 15 February along the A31 and A338 in the Ashley Heath area of Dorset.

In total, 49 goods vehicles were stopped and checked to ensure that drivers were complying with regulations and traffic laws.

The operation resulted in a number of offences being identified, and £1630 worth of fines issues for various offences.

Nine vehicles were found to have defects and were ordered off the road until they were fixed. 37 vehicles with other defects were stopped, and three drivers were prohibited from driving for a set period of time after breaching driving regulations.

One driver was reported to court after being found driving without a licence, and another driver was reported to court as his vehicle was 38 per cent over the maximum permitted weight.

Traffic Sergeant, Joe Pardey said; "The high percentage of defects is a concern and I would urge drivers and operators to ensure that their vehicles are correctly checked and road worthy prior to being driven on public roads.

"Some of the defects found were so dangerous that lives are being put at risk. By working together with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), we have helped make the roads a safer place."