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Force Welcomes HMIC PEEL Reports on the state of policing

Dorset Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner have welcomed the full annual HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s PEEL (Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy) report which was released today.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has published reports which make up its annual assessment of all 43 police forces in England and Wales. 

The report concluded that the Force has a firm foundation of neighbourhood policing which underpins the Force’s approach to crime reduction and community safety. The Inspectorate was also impressed by the strong evidence-based approach to policing that is a feature of crime prevention, investigation and tackling anti-social behaviour in the Force.

The first of the three reports ‘Police Efficiency’ was published in October 2015. 

This report assessed that the way Dorset Police uses its available resources to match complex demand is already ‘good’. This reflects the achievements of the Force over recent years in improving performance and providing good services to the public, despite significant reductions in funding.

The Inspectorate also concluded that, while the Force has responded well to financial challenges in the past, it requires improvement to its future workforce planning to prepare for the full extent of anticipated further cuts to police budgets.

It should be noted that, The Efficiency Report was published ahead of the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review, which provided a welcome level of protection to policing budgets over the next four years.

A link to our full previous news release on Police Efficiency can be found in HMIC efficiency report highlights difficulty of responding to national funding challenge.

The second report ‘Police Legitimacy’, which was published on 11 February 2016, focused on the Force’s approach to treating people fairly with an overall grading of ‘good’.

It assessed the culture within Dorset Police, as well as public engagement, use of Tasers and compliance with the Best Use of the Stop and Search Scheme.

The inspectorate found that there was a recognised ethical culture and an inclusive workforce within the Force. It also acknowledged that Dorset Police had successfully made officers and staff aware of the need for ethical behaviour, embracing the national policing Code of Ethics.

A link to our full previous news release on Police Legitimacy can be found in Force welcomes HMIC PEEL Legitimacy report .

The third and final report, published on 18 February 2016, on ‘Police Effectiveness’ concluded that the Dorset Police’s approach to keeping people safe and reducing crime is also ‘good’.

The Force received praise for its efforts in safeguarding the vulnerable and protecting the public from dangerous people and reducing crime.

The Inspectorate found that the Force maintains a visible presence in the local communities and that crime investigations are of a good standard with skilled and experienced officers.

A link to our full previous news release on Police Effectiveness can be found here.

In response to the HMIC assessments, Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, said: “I very much welcome the HMIC’s reports and that our efforts are recognised by the inspectorate. 

“This is a reflection of all the steps we have taken to ensure Dorset remains one of the safest counties and how we hold victims at the heart of what we do. 

“It is also a testimony to the dedication and hard work of all the officers and staff here at Dorset Police.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: “I welcome HMIC’s PEEL review of Dorset Police which sums up findings on several inspections over the past year. 

“The Chief Constable and I will now move forward in developing an action plan on the issues that have been raised.  However, I continue to disagree with HMIC’s view that the Force’s financial reserves are disproportionate to the risk. 

“We now have a debt free, prudent force which has also removed the pension deficit liability, unlike many other forces across the country. Dorset Police has good governance and financial controls in place and our Strategic Alliance with Devon and Cornwall Police will continue to deliver savings to the taxpayer.”

Along with the three areas covered by the PEEL reports, HMIC also reviewed ‘Leadership’ in Force, covering how it develops its leaders, and motivates and engages its workforce.

The report focused on the organisation as a whole, and in particular assessed how successful the forces leadership development process is.

Overall, the report commends the leadership strategy used by Dorset Police. The Chief Officer team was praised for its high standard setting and for upholding a clear vision for the organisation.