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Force statement on the investigation of crime in Dorset

In light of national media coverage in relation to the number of crimes investigated by police, Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan has issued a statement on the approach to criminal investigation in Dorset.

“In Dorset, all crime is investigated and where there are forensic opportunities or CCTV footage available we will send crime scene investigators to maximise the return on these. While some lower level crimes are subject to a preliminary assessment by phone, all serious crime is attended and initially investigated in person.

“We are continually reviewing the range of crimes that Dorset officers will attend. In recent months this range has increased and has extended to vehicle crime. Naturally, we prioritise attendance for those crimes most likely to yield a successful outcome and those of the highest public concern, to include burglary, car crime, robbery, violent crime and sexual offences.

“I agree with Sir Pete Fahy’s drive to prevent crime – it follows recent advice from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) that police should focus on reducing and preventing crime, and it echoes comments made by the Home Secretary.

“There is always a balance between committing resources to investigating crimes that have already happened and to preventing crime in the first place.

“As a result of the approach to criminal investigation and prevention in Dorset, we are enjoying our sixteenth year of reduced crime. Dorset Police has also launched Operation Advance to ensure that we are providing the very highest level of service to victims, taking positive and robust action against offenders and, specifically, targeting those criminals we know to be persistent offenders. We hope that members of the public will help us – making it as difficult as possible for offenders to commit crime by taking care and remaining vigilant. Where they are unfortunate enough to become targets, Operation Advance aims to ensure that the service is the best it can be, meeting the needs and expectations of all victims of crime.”

Issued: 5 September 2013