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Force celebrates work of specials and volunteers

On Saturday 27 February 2016, Dorset Police held an event to recognise and celebrate the Special Constabulary officers and Police Support Volunteers who gave up 60,000 hours of their own time during 2015.

The event is held annually to commend Dorset Police’s specials and volunteers who make an invaluable contribution to the Force.

Specials make up a flexible, dedicated and proactive team who play a key part, alongside regular officers and police staff, to make Dorset safer and to make communities within the county feel safer.

After completing their training, specials have the same full warranted powers as police officers and carry out frontline duties including patrol work, community engagement and assisting in targeted operations. This is both in general policing and in specialist areas such as traffic and the marine section.

Dorset has a total of 205 specials, and awards were presented at the event to all those who had completed 200 hours or more during 2015. Particular mention was given to Acting Special Sergeant Kier Dagnall who was given the Outstanding Achievement award for his dedication and hard work over 1,474 hours of volunteered time during 2015, working with the No Excuse team.

Alongside the specials, the event also celebrated the work of Dorset’s Police Support Volunteers who occupy a huge variety of roles including providing support to victims of crime, sending Dorset Alert messages and running Public Contact Points.

These 220 volunteers enhance the work of police officers and staff, and provide additional support to their communities. The event celebrated their work, with a particular commendation given to Alan Hunt, who is a CCTV Operator Volunteer with North Dorset and contributed 842 hours in 2015. Alan was also given an Outstanding Achievement award.

Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan said: “Dorset Police specials and volunteers are an integral part of our policing family. It is always fantastic to celebrate their hard work and achievements.

“The event on Saturday was a great opportunity to showcase these individuals and thank them for their dedication to making Dorset safer.

“It is brilliant knowing the enjoyment our specials and volunteers get out of their work. I would recommend anyone looking for a varied, interesting and rewarding experience to take a look at the volunteering opportunities Dorset Police is currently offering.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, also attended the event on Saturday and said: “Special Officers and Police Support Volunteers gave over 60,000 hours during 2015, which demonstrates their commitment and dedication to supporting Dorset communities. 

“It is vital we recognise the incredible achievements of the volunteers who give their time to help us reduce crime and the fear of crime.  Volunteers form an integral part of the policing family and their valuable support should not be underestimated.”

Details of all Dorset Police’s volunteering opportunities can be found on the Force website.

A full album of photos of the event can be found on the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner's website.