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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 8 Round-up!

We are now two months into training and the pressure has been ramped up as the new recruits had their first course exam!

The two hour pass or fail exam tests that students are retaining and understanding the topics they have covered to date.

All students passed successfully!

As well as studying crime prevention and neighbourhood policing methods the student officers also went to Streetwise, an interactive safety education centre. Although usually used to educate children as to how to avoid or deal with accidents or crime, the centre is an excellent environment for our officers to practice their knowledge and skills. With various life-sized scenes such as a full-sized two-storey house, a park, an electricity sub-station, a heath, a beach, a nightclub and police and railway stations, Streetwise provides the opportunity for the officers to conduct their practical exercises in as realistic a setting as possible.

Keep a look-out next week for the images of our officers at Streetwise!

Next week officers will be covering Criminal Damage, Anti-Social Behaviour, Harassment and Hate Crime. There will also be a mid-course review of all students to assess their overall performance so far.

Issued: 8 May 2015