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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 7 Round-up!

Week 7 saw the new recruits utilise the stop and search legislation they learnt last week by putting it into practice in various scenarios.

The student officers were presented with scenarios including an actor, where they were expected to conduct a search appropriate for the circumstances, justifying it under the suitable legislation. This could include the search of a person, vehicle or premises. The officers concluded the searches by taking appropriate action dependant on the outcome.

This week the new recruits also continued with some of their officer personal safety training. In this section of the training they focused on handcuffing and unarmed skills, such as immobilisation techniques and take-downs, so that the officers are able to control violent perpetrators.

The student officers also studied the symptoms of acute behaviour disorders and positional asphyxia. This is to ensure that they would be able to identify and deal appropriately with these complications should they become apparent during the course of their duty, and would therefore be able to protect the safety of the suspect.

Towards the end of the week the new recruits were studying fraud legislation and alcohol related offences.

Next week the officers will be covering crime prevention, child protection and neighbourhood policing. They will also be taking an exam on the legislation they have covered so far in their first 7 weeks - good luck to the student officers! More to come....

Issued: 1 May 2015

Week 7 Round-up