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Follow student officers through training – Week 6 round-up

The new recruits started off week 6 of their training with arrest practicals where they were out and about in public settings putting their knowledge and skills to the test in life-like scenarios.

The student officers were presented with scenarios where a theft had been committed and they were required to utilise the skills they have learned, to deal with the situations appropriately and make investigations and arrests.

After the scenarios the recruits then had to write their pocket note books and witness statements, recording the incident and the course of action they took to resolve it.

This week they have also been studying anti-social behaviour law, including legislation - where officers have the power to confiscate vehicles if they are being driven in an anti-social manner on more than one occasion. They have also been studying burglary, weapons and other preventative measures whilst starting to focus on stop and search legislation and learning when and how to conduct appropriate searches.

The new recruits will be continuing with some of their officer safety training, there will be more updates on progress again next week.

Issued: 24 April 2015

Week 6 round-up