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Follow student officers through training – Week 5 update

Our new recruits have now finished 5 out of 20 weeks of training.  Student Officers - Week 5

This week they have been concentrating on their arrest practical’s, where they have utilised the knowledge they have gained from their training so far by putting it into practice within lifelike scenarios. Next week they will be out and about using these skills in public settings as part of further practical’s - more to follow.

The officers have also been looking into their investigation powers and techniques, including MOPI and RIPA.

MOPI stands for ‘management of police information’ and details the types of information police can legally hold as well as how they manage and use this information appropriately in the course of their duty.

RIPA stands for the ‘Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act’. This legislation mandates how officers conduct their police investigations, in particular operations such as surveillance of suspects in covert operations.

The officer training staff comment on how the students have been getting on now they are a quarter of the way through their course:

"We are very pleased with the motivation and enthusiasm that the students have shown to date. There has been a lot to learn and by now they are getting a good insight into the basic roles required of a police officer."

Issued: 17 April 2015