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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 3 Roundup

Our new recruits have continued with their personal safety training this week. The start of this training focuses on unarmed defence tactics such as striking and take-downs so our officers can protect themselves from attack without the use of police equipment.

Next the recruits will be moving onto immobilisations and handcuffing as well as inputs on edged weapon awareness and Tasers.

The recruits also completed their airwave training this week! The exercises teach ABC radio discipline: Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity, as well as competence in using the phonetic alphabet…..

Romeo Echo Charlie Romeo Uniform India Tango Sierra…..recruits!

Throughout the week the students have had a variety of classes including important law legislation lectures. The law input begins by focusing on theft and the powers for police around tackling these offences.

Next week the officers start their interview technique training to prepare them for taking witness statements and interviewing suspects.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Issued: 2 April 2015