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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 18

This week our student officers have been working on the last of their officer personal safety training. In this final part they have been focusing on baton techniques.

The students practice defensive baton striking techniques on hand-held pads and also concentrate significantly on understanding the appropriate use of force and in what scenarios using a baton would be suitable and justified.

This training was then concluded with individual practical exams, where the officers are placed in a scenario on their own. They do not know what situation to expect, but will be approached by one or more trainers who will attack them in a variety of ways and using a variation of force. The officers then must choose how best to defend themselves safely by using the skills they have learned from their officer personal safety training.

As they near the end of their training, find out how some of our officers have found it so far by clicking on the links below:

Student Police Officer Natalie

Student Police Officer Oliver

Next week the officers visit Bournemouth Crown Court and conduct practicals to give them an understanding of their duty within the court process and what it is like to give evidence.

Issued: 17 July 2015

Final training