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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 17, 4 weeks to go

Having now completed week 17 of their training, the officers only have 4 weeks left until their graduation as operational Dorset Police officers.

This week the officers continued learning some of their traffic legislation, including drink drive offences and how to use an intoxiliser to test drivers for alcohol use. Following last minute adjustments to the timetable due to the operational commitments of some officers who conduct the training, it is now next week that the officers are putting the traffic legislation they have learnt into practice within realistic scenarios. More coming soon!

Following their inputs a few weeks ago about the management and continuity of evidence when investigating crime, the officers took part in various practicals. The practicals were led by Dorset Police’s Forensic Operation Manager who gave the officers clear guidance as to how they should handle evidence to ensure it is unaltered and uncontaminated in order to give clear proof of a crime.

The practicals also involved examining hypothetical crime scenes to identify and preserve evidence, as well as correctly using DNA test swab kits.

Next week the officers visit custody and continue with some more of their personal safety training.

Issued: 9 July 2015

4 weeks to go for the recruits