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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 15

Week 15 has been ‘Safeguarding Week’ for the student officers as they have been focusing on various public protection aspects which includes sexual offences, the Children’s Act, missing persons and domestic violence.

These inputs include how to spot the signs of sexual and domestic abuse, the most vulnerable people to be victims of these crimes and how to investigate the crime, ensuring the safety of the victim. The new recruits also study the law legislation around these offences and the powers they have to effectively deal with them.

They also focused on missing persons and how important an officer’s role can be in finding a missing person quickly and safely.   

To reinforce the general inputs the students were also able to meet some victims of sexual and domestic abuse who explained their stories, their experiences with the police and criminal justice system and how officers can best assist other victims in their role.

Next week the students continue with their interview training. They previously focused on interviewing witnesses but this secondary part of the training concentrates on interviewing suspected persons. More coming soon……!

Issued: 26 June 2015

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