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Follow Student Officers through training – Week 13

It's been a busy week for the students as they continued with some of their officer personal safety training.

Previously they have been focusing on un-armed defense tactics but during the sessions this week they have begun training in using handcuffs and batons.

The training teaches the students how to effectively and safely use handcuffs, ensuring they are the correct tightness to be secure but not cause harm. They also focus on how to appropriately handcuff someone who is being aggressive and uncooperative.

The baton training placed a strong emphasis in creating an understanding of appropriate use of force and in what scenarios using a baton would be suitable and justified. The students also practiced defensive baton striking techniques on hand-held pads.

As well as strenuous personal safety training the students also spent some time in the classroom this week learning about driving offences and the legislations behind insurance, test certificates and driving licences.

Next week the students will receive their Record Management System training. This is the system that the officers will use operationally to record crime, information and data. The students will learn how to use the system as well as how best to record information, utilise information that is already there and also put the system into practice during realistic scenario exercises.

Issued: 12 June 2015

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