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Follow Student Officers through Training – Week 12

This week our student officers have been on their community placement week where they are assigned to work with various organisations.

The purpose of the attachment week is for the recruits to understand how to develop effective relationships within the parameters of their role as Dorset Police officers and to give them an understanding into the work these organisations do and how the police can support and assist. 

Today students delivered presentations to trainers, colleagues and representatives from the organisations explaining what they had learnt and experienced during their attachment week. The officers shared their experiences with the other students as they were all based with a variety of different agencies. They also provided an insight into what these agencies do; covering areas such as, domestic violence refuge services, drug/alcohol addiction support, people trafficking and dementia care.

Last week we asked if any of you had questions for the officers or trainers and we hope we have managed reply to you all on social media.

Next week the officers continue with some of their officer personal safety training!

Issued: 5 June 2015