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Follow Student Officers through Training – HALFWAY!

After a well-deserved week-off our new recruits are refreshed and back into their training as they are now starting the second half of the course.

This week the officers have been learning about the management and continuity of evidence when investigating crime. These inputs look at how officers should handle evidence and ensure it is unaltered and uncontaminated in order to give clear proof of a crime. This involved identifying and preserving evidence at all types crime scenes, including Burglaries, Criminal Damage and Violent Crime.

Soon they will be putting this knowledge to use in scenario practicals by examining hypothetical scenes of crime and using DNA swap test kits.

Next week the new recruits go on their attachment week where they are assigned to work with various community support organisations where they learn how to develop effective relationships within their roles as Dorset Police officers and to give them an insight into the work these organisations do and how the police can support and assist.

Is there anything you would like to ask the trainers or the student officers? Send in your question at facebook.com/dorsetpolice or on twitter @dorsetpolice and we will post a round-up of the most interesting questions and answers! 

Issued: 29 May 2015

Police Recruits