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Follow Dorset Police Student Officers through training

Dorset Police are providing an insight into what it takes to become a police officer by following their newest officers through probationer training.

As a new intake of student officers prepare to begin their extensive training on 16 March 2015, Dorset Police will be following the new recruits every step of the way, offering a ‘fly on the wall’ look into the hard work and exciting training each student undertakes to become a police officer.

The intake will include 16 trainees, all of which passed the stringent application process to make it into the final group and start their careers as police officers.

The public will be able to gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge the students learn, from law legislation and first aid, to officer personal safety training and custody training, as well as fitness tests and uniform issue.

Chief Constable Debbie Simpson said: We’ll follow the highs, and occasional lows, as our new officers are put through their paces.

“Our police officers take great pride in protecting the local community and we are excited that for the first time members of the public can track our probationers’ development as they make their way towards becoming fully trained Dorset Police officers.”

Updates on the officers’ progress will be posted regularly on the Dorset Police website, Twitter page and Facebook page along with pictures and comments from the students themselves. Look out for the hashtags #DorsetPoliceRecruits #DPRecruits on social media to follow their progress.

Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said; “Despite operating in austere times we have to balance the workforce. It is absolutely right that we recruit new police officers.

“Policing is an excellent career for those who have the drive and passion to make a difference to the communities they serve.”

Issued: 11 March 2015

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