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First Nuisance Closure Order Obtained in Poole

Local services have worked together to stamp out extreme nuisance behaviour in Oakdale. Poole Housing Partnership (PHP), Dorset Police and Poole Borough Council successfully applied for a Nuisance Premises Closure Order from the Magistrates Court for a PHP property last week.

Neighbours of the Oakdale property began to complain to PHP several months after a single female moved in. PHP’s dedicated neighbourhood team dealt with reports of significant anti-social behaviour including: loud music, constant visitors at all times of the day and night, verbal and physical abuse directed at local people, as well as damage to the property. Despite repeated warnings, visits and interventions from PHP, the Police and the Council to try and change the tenant’s behaviour, she refused to stop causing neighbour nuisance.

The three partner agencies worked together to take the case to court under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and applied for a Nuisance Premises Closure Order. The judge agreed that the tenant’s behaviour was having a significant negative impact on her neighbours and awarded Poole’s first complete Closure Order, closing down the property for three months. Neighbours can now enjoy peace and quiet in their community again whilst the partner agencies look to finding a permanent solution to resolve the anti-social behaviour. This successful result would not have been possible without huge support for action from local residents.

“This case demonstrates the value of partnership working for the benefit of local people. Anti-social behaviour blights communities and our message is that it is not tolerated in Poole. Anyone who commits extreme nuisance behaviour can have their property closed down, regardless of who owns it. If you are experiencing neighbour nuisance then please tell us,” said Ian Cooke, Community Services Manager, at the Borough of Poole.

Residents can call the Borough of Poole on 01202 633516 (during working hours) to complain about anti-social behaviour that has occurred, or to ask for an issue to be investigated with our partners. To report a non-emergency crime then residents should call the Police non emergency number 101 (24 hour service). In an emergency - when a crime is in progress or life is in danger, please dial 999.