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First Dorset Police Station with Solar Panels

Blandford Police Station has become the first in Dorset to be fitted with energy saving solar panels.

Last month, Blandford Police Station became the first police station in Dorset to be part powered by solar panels. The energy efficient panels were constructed on the roof of the building as part of improvements to the station to replace a defective generator.

The necessary general refurbishment work of the station’s energy system meant it was economically viable in this case to add the solar panels while the system was being updated.

As well as assisting Dorset Police to function with a reduced carbon footprint, the solar panels will provide approximately 10% of the annual electrical consumption for the building and expect to save the Force around £1,850 per year.

Assistant Chief Officer, John Jones, who is responsible for Dorset Police building services and finance, comments on the solar panels: “Dorset Police recognises that, as a provider of services to Dorset, it also has an impact on the environment and aims to work to achieve a more sustainable future.

“The Force is committed to being accountable for minimising the impact of its operation on the environment, balancing the needs of the environment with operational obligations and available resources.

"Where the structure, geography and timing is right we try to add efficiency saving measures such as economical boilers, light fittings or in this case, solar panels.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill comments: “As government funding for policing continues to reduce, energy efficiency will provide savings for the Force as well as reducing our carbon footprint. We are always looking at options to become more sustainable and this opportunity allows us to utilise unused roof space to generate energy for the station.”

Issued: 29 July 2015

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill & Blandford Inspector Rob Chalkley