Family pays tribute to Martin Rusling

The family of a 44-year-old man who was allegedly murdered in Portland have issued a tribute to the media.

At 1.27am on Wednesday 28 December 2011, police were called to an address along Park Road in Portland after a report that a man had been stabbed and consequently seriously injured.

Martin Rusling was pronounced dead at the scene. A 44-year-old Devon woman, Carol Kemp, has been charged with his murder.

Martin’s mother, Judy Butcher, said: “Martin was a very friendly, happy and caring person. He was always there for everyone – being a good listener and helping where he could.

“He put his heart and soul into everything he set his sights on.

“Martin felt very pleased with what he had achieved and he loved his work.

“We will miss him greatly.

“Martin you were tragically taken from us – dearly loved son and brother. Loving you was so easy – such a warm and loving person with such a wonderful smile – so many lovely memories. Sadly, that’s all there is now but they will stay with us forever.”

Martin’s father, Peter Rusling, said: “Martin, we shall always be thinking of you and remembering your lovely ways. We shall recall you with love and affection, always, as long as we live. Rest in peace.”

Martin’s family would like to thank all who have expressed their love, support and sympathy. The funeral arrangements are not known at this time and will be published at a later date.

Martin Rusling
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