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Dorset Police introduces Operation Advance

A new policing operation designed to improve the Force’s service to crime victims has been introduced in Dorset.

Launched in response to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s police and crime plan, Operation Advance aims to increase positive outcomes for victims of crime to one in three by 2016.

A positive outcome is defined by new government measures as a sanctioned detection, community resolution (action taken in respect of minor crime, in line with a victim’s needs) or restorative justice.

Operation Advance, launched in Force on Monday 1 July 2013, includes a range of measures designed to:

  • Continue to reduce crime
  • Target prolific offenders – a measure which, for example, has led to significant improvements in detecting burglary, with a detection rate of 22% (year to date)
  • Resolve crime in line with victims’ expectations
  • Improve satisfaction, our communication with victims and ensuring they are kept updated at key stages throughout their case – an approach that will be supported in the near future through the introduction of a dedicated Victims’ Bureau
  • Streamline how offenders are brought to justice, by reducing bureaucracy
  • Improve our ‘Positive Outcome’ detection rates and the proportion of offenders brought to justice

Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Martyn Underhill said: “Operation Advance will give Dorset Police better tools to investigate volume crime more efficiently. I welcome the move towards a more streamlined service which is fundamental to solving more crime.”

To ensure the Force delivers these improvements, Dorset has recently appointed a Detective Superintendent, Kevin Connolly, to lead on all crime investigation. 

Detective Superintendent Connolly said: “Operation Advance represents a real opportunity to ensure more offenders are brought to justice and to improve the service we give to victims of crime. I’m absolutely committed to ensuring we meet the public’s expectations and take action in respect of crime which affects people lives.

“I will be ensuring all of my teams seize opportunities to target and arrest offenders, tackle their offending behaviour and work more closely with victims.”

Operation Advance is a significant investment in protecting vulnerable victims though improved multi-agency working, the creation of a specialist victims’ unit and enhanced officer training.

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Hiles said. “Together with our partners, we are working hard to keep reducing crime and to protect victims. However Operation Advance represents a new effort to catch more offenders, especially those responsible for higher volume crimes”.  

Issued: 15 July 2013