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Dorset Police Implement Dorchester and Sherborne Patrol Hub

Response officers covering Dorchester and Sherborne will be working more closely and briefing in one location, to provide the areas with a larger pool of officers and a more joined-up delivery of policing.

The patrol hub will be established at Dorchester Police Station, where all response and patrol officers covering the Dorchester and Sherborne areas will start their shift. Following a joint briefing, they will deploy and patrol across the area, with officers covering the Sherborne area and responding in the same way they currently do.

Local Safer Neighborhood Teams will remain working entirely from Sherborne Police Station, which continues to have a station desk enquiry service after Dorset Police amended their plans following feedback from the public to the Police & Crime Commissioner.

During the current economic climate, the Force faces significant budgetary challenges which require us to change policing across Dorset. Patrol Hubs are already being trialed in other areas of the county, and Sherborne and Dorchester will join this pilot, allowing us to provide an effective and more flexible level of policing, while minimising the resources needed to manage separate teams.

The implementation will take place on 22 June 2015 and will be evaluated to ensure it provides the intended benefits. To test this accurately, it is important the whole response team is brought together to be briefed and tasked as one.

Dorchester and Sherborne Neighborhood Inspector, Steve Marsh, comments: “We do not expect the local public to see any changes to their local policing as a result of these adjustments. There will still be response officers on patrol in and around Sherborne as they are now.

“In fact, we will be able to more easily call on a wider pool of officers wherever and whenever they are needed, either in response to emergencies or as part of a planned operation to target identified problems.

“We also remain committed to having a local policing presence in Sherborne. Safer Neighbourhood Team officers and PCSOs will be based at Sherborne Police Station and briefed there before heading into the community. A station desk enquiry service is also provided at times throughout the week.”

“These alterations aim to provide the areas with a wider police resource, as Dorchester officers will also be fully prepared and updated regarding Sherborne matters and vice-versa. As a result officers will be more knowledgeable of each-other’s areas and able to more effectively contribute to joint working when required.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill said: “I emphasise that this is a pilot and Sherborne remains one of the safest places in the county. However, the Force cannot continue to provide the same style of service as in the past while operating with a significantly reduced budget.

I am committed to having a policing presence in Sherborne and both the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and response and patrol officers will continue to work in the community. I continue to ensure that there is a policing footprint in every town in Dorset and that local policing is delivered from these locations.”

Issued: 19 May 2015