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Crime falls in Dorset as quarterly figures released

Dorset Police has recorded an 8.6% decrease in overall crime during April to June 2013, compared to the same period last year according to the latest quarterly crime figures for police forces across the country released by the Home Office.

This drop in crime saw 9,452 recorded offences compared to 10,337 last year, a reduction of 885.

Dwelling burglary has seen a decrease of 12.7%, with the number of incidents falling from 497 to 434.

Vehicle crime has fallen by 3.5%, with 1,131 recorded incidents compared to 1,172 last term.

Anti-social behaviour has dropped by 6.7% with 572 fewer incidents, while serious violent crime has decreased by 15.4%.

The Positive Outcome Rate for Dorset has risen to 24.8% from 21.1% during this period.

A positive outcome describes the number of officially solved crimes and is defined by new government measures as a sanctioned detection, community resolution (action taken in respect of minor crime, in line with a victim’s needs) or restorative justice.

Assistant Chief Constable David Lewis said: “I am delighted that crime continues to fall across the county.

“These quarterly figures show that there were 885 fewer crimes reported to Dorset Police between April and June 2013 compared to the same period last year. This is good news for 885 people who did not become victims of crime in that time.

“We continue to work together with local communities and other public services to make Dorset safer, and it is by working in close partnership that we have been able to achieve this reduction in crime.

“Vehicle crime has fallen, with 41 fewer incidents reported to the police. This reflects the success of Operation Wave, which aims to tackle thefts of and from vehicles and was re-launched in January this year.

“There were also 63 fewer burglaries which is also a particular focus for us through Operation Castle.

“Despite these encouraging statistics we are not complacent, and there are challenges that the Force is working to overcome as we head towards 2014.

“There were 18 more serious sexual offences compared to the same period last year, and we also saw a slight increase in the number of shed and garage breaks, from 500 to 513.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: “I welcome the continued decline of overall crime in Dorset.

“I am also delighted that 1 in 4 crimes are now being detected and I congratulate the Force on their performance. When I was elected the detection rate was 1 in 5. I am confident that the Force will reach the target I set them, of 1 in 3 crimes being detected by the end of my term.

“Operation Advance is really helping the Force to investigate crime more efficiently and effectively, leading to more crimes being detected.”

Issued: 17 October 2013