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Crash course in safety for Hamworthy's younger drivers

Last week saw a horrific crash at Turlin Moor Recreation Ground, near Hamworthy. At 7.30pm on Friday night a car and a moped were involved in a serious road traffic collision. Luckily this was set up by Dorset Fire and Rescue Service to show young drivers the dangers of speed and inappropriate driving.

Youngsters witnessed the aftermath of this serious collision in a drive to cut accidents among new drivers. Firefighters cut willing victims from a car and the police and ambulance services assisted as they would in a real collision.

Poole and Hamworthy District Commander for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, Dave Arundel said: "This educational event has been vital in educating these young people about the dangers of driving. The simulated accident, where volunteers played the part of the casualties who were rescued from their vehicles by fire crews and paramedics, gives the role players a first-hand understanding of what it is like to be inside a car when it is being cut apart around you."

PC Darren Harris said: “This event, organised by the three partner agencies as part of Road Safety week, has proved invaluable in bringing home to young people the dangers and consequences of driving in a dangerous or reckless manner.  The young people have had the opportunity to see first hand the devastating effects a car crash has on drivers, passengers and all those involved.  It is hoped this educational event will make drivers reassess the way they drive and reduce the number of casualties on Dorset’s Roads.”

Paula Wade, Borough of Poole Community Development Officer said: “This event is a key way for the various agencies involved to engage with young people and deliver a very serious message in a safe environment. Hopefully the impact of what they saw on the night will stay with them and they will prove to be safer drivers in the future.”

These evenings and displays have been a real team effort involving the police, fire service, ambulance service and the Borough of Poole.

hamworthy staged crash
hamworthy staged crash