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Counter Terrorism Awareness Week concludes

The national week to bring awareness to terrorism has concluded after successful inputs from Dorset Police.

On Monday 24 November 2014, a National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week started across the country which aimed to educate the public about preventing terrorism and keeping the country safe.

Every police force in the UK was involved in promoting awareness of terrorism in their area, engaging with their communities and making them mindful of reporting suspicious behaviour.

The week was introduced after the terror threat level in the UK increased on 29 August 2014. As a result of this rise, reports of suspicious behaviour nearly doubled which was a direct result of an increase in reporting by members of the public.

Throughout this week, daily roadshows were run across Dorset with partner agencies and local neighbourhood wardens.

Information and advice was distributed to members of the public in an effort to raise awareness of the risks of radicalisation and what individuals, families and the community can do to help prevent it.

Training has taken place to provide officers with the tools they need to recognise warning signs of terrorism and identify people that may be at risk. This training will continue into the New Year.

Chief Superintendent Jane Newall said: “The interest and support from members of the public during this week has been wonderful and I would like to thank our staff and partners for their dedication to such a worthwhile campaign.

“While this was a week-long campaign, it is vital that communities understand the importance of preventing terrorism and protecting vulnerable people.

“We ask that you continue to report any activity or behaviour which strikes you as not quite right and out of place in your normal day-to-day lives. You may feel it’s probably nothing, but unless you trust your instincts and tell us we won’t be able to judge whether the information you have is important or not.

“Please, if you have any concerns about one of your family members, friends or someone in your local community speak to a local officer or alternatively contact the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.”

Issued: 1 December 2014

Anti-Terrorist Hotline