Confiscation order for drugs and firearms offender

A man convicted of drugs and firearms offences has been issued with a £11,558.21 confiscation order.

Dorset Police was called to a hotel in Bournemouth on 20 October 2012 following reports that a gun and drugs had been seen in a guest’s room.

A handgun, ammunition, cash, cocaine, benzocaine, amphetamine, two mobile phones and a laptop were all found in the hotel room and Daniel Vincent Smedley, 30, was subsequently arrested and charged with drugs and firearms offences.

He pleaded guilty to his offences on 2 November last year at Bournemouth Crown Court and was sentenced to five and a half years’ imprisonment.

Smedley, from Sheffield, appeared at Dorchester Crown Court on Friday 5 April 2013 where a confiscation order of £11,558.21 was made against him. This sum represents the value of the firearm and drugs that were seized from him.

The seized cash, which amounted to £8,805, was forfeited at a separate court hearing.

Detective Inspector Marcus Hester said: “This confiscation order shows that we will always attempt to recover money or assets from convicted criminals who have benefited from criminal activity.”

Confiscation orders and cash forfeiture orders are paid to the Home Office, with Dorset Police receiving a proportion of the money back.

Issued: 8 April 2013

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