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Community shelter to open in Broadstone

Broadstone residents will get a new community shelter on Monday, giving them a safe place to meet away from shops and homes.

The shelter is located next to the subway at the top of Lower Blandford Road, and seats up to 12 people. It was jointly funded by the Broadstone, Merley and Bearwood Safer Neighbourhood Team, Poole Housing Partnership and Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch.

The idea behind the shelter was to provide an alternative location for people to meet, after some residents reported concerns to their Safer Neighbourhood Team about large groups gathering close to businesses and homes in the area.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team also recognised a need for more facilities in the area, particularly for young people.

The team spoke to local people, businesses and residents’ groups, and carried out a survey of 250 young people aged 12 – 18 (the age group likely to get the most use out of the shelter). 69 per cent of the young people questioned agreed that a shelter was needed.

Julian McLaughlin, Head of Transportation Services at Borough of Poole and Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s panel, said: “The new shelter is excellent news for the local area, providing a new facility for the whole of the local community.

“It is a great example of joint working and hard work involving the Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch, Borough of Poole, Dorset Police, Poole Housing Partnership, local residents and the Chamber of Trade.”

Kirstie Ellis, Housing Officer at Poole Housing Partnership, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support this project, which will provide a safe meeting place for young residents in Broadstone. PHP is committed to building strong communities across Poole and we are sure this new facility will be welcomed by all residents living in the area.”

Police Community Support Officer Darren Gravenor, of Broadstone and Merley Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “It’s a fantastic asset for the residents of Broadstone because it is another place where people can sit and enjoy the area.”

ISSUED: 3 October 2014