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Community Payback comes to West Moors

Dorset Probation Service’s Community Payback scheme has given the skate park in West Moors a new look. 

Dorset Police and Dorset Probation Service were at the skate park in West Moors on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 January 2012 giving it a new lease of life.

The skate ramps were covered heavily in graffiti, and the BMX track itself was unusable due to the grass and weeds overgrowing. 

With this area looking as it did, West Moors had seen an increase in litter around the park, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage to scooters and bikes, and bullying with young people not wanting to use the area. 

Police Community Support Officer Steve Winning liaised with the Parish Council who arranged to have Community Payback attend and clean up the park.

Community Payback has given the skate ramps a fresh coat of paint, cleared the BMX track of shrubs and weeds and cut the grass to make this facility useable once again. 

Community Payback is responsible for the delivery of unpaid work across the whole of Dorset, by offenders sentenced to between 40 and 300 hours by the courts.

Offenders must work an average of seven hours per day, for one day per week. Dorset Probation Trust has an excellent track record of Community Payback working in partnership with organisations and people within the Dorset community, to ensure that the work undertaken by offenders makes significant benefit to the people of Dorset. 

Police Community Support Officer Steve Winning spoke with members of the public using the area after the work was completed and they said: “It was nice to see the graffiti gone and we can use the BMX track. We hope it stays this way.” 

He also spoke with some of the dog walkers who walk nearby and they said that it freshens up the area.

The Parish Council wishes to express sincere thanks to Dorset Probation Service, the West Moors Safer Neighbourhood Team, Police Constable Tony Tester and Police Community Support Officer Steve Winning, and to Judi Weedon, Parish Clerk for initiating, supervising and completing this piece of community partnership work.

Travis Perkins on Ferndown Industrial Estate are also thanked for providing the paintbrushes and rollers.