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Community Messaging Volunteer Profile - John

A Community Messaging Volunteer plays a vital role in effective community liaison through the use of automated community messaging, which helps the Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT) to keep local people informed.

John has been a Dorset Police Community Messaging Volunteer since 2008. He tells us why he decided to volunteer for Dorset Police;

“I have always been interested in local policing and after retiring as a member of police staff from Thames Valley Police and moving to Dorset I wanted to continue to do my bit in the community. When I first moved to the area I realised we didn’t have a neighbourhood watch group so I decided to set one up. Through that I heard about community messaging volunteers and thought that would be a purposeful way to help support the area I live in.”

John explains the responsibilities of the role;

“I am based in Poole Police Station for my role and I currently look after the Poole South area where there are between 2500-3000 people signed up to receive our community messaging, which comes from a system called Dorset Alert.

“I receive messages from the Force Communications and Engagement Department as well as requests for the adding, alterations or removal of details from the system. I also obtain crime prevention information and good news stories from local police officers and police community support officers. I then use this information to send out proactive and informative crime prevention messages to the local community.

“I find the day-to-day tasks for the role fast-paced and interesting. I have to stay on the ball, ensuring data-protection for those who sign-up to the system, as well as sending out information or urgent crime prevention advice when required. I also receive replies directly from the public, which need an efficient response, and this also allows me to improve the process or feedback to the relevant areas in the Force.”

Since becoming a Community Messaging Volunteer in 2008, John explains what he enjoys about the role

“Since retiring, volunteering gives me another purpose and I like the comradery of working in a team. I am also glad to be working to support my local police in order to give something back to the community by providing them with a service. I feel it is important for residents to know what is going on in their local areas and what crimes they need to be aware of.

“Most importantly – it keeps me busy! I enjoy it a lot and so I am happy to keep going until I have to stop!”

John couldn’t recommend the role of Community Messaging Volunteer highly enough;

“I would absolutely recommend this role to others. My personal opinion is that you are working for a very important organisation and are providing a great service to those who are interested in engaging with their community. As you can imagine with police related activity, every day is different and the messaging changes daily depending on what is going on.”

Dorset Police is currently recruiting for Community Messaging Volunteers to work in Poole. Are you interested in this role or do you know someone you think might be? To find out more or apply click here >

Issued: 6 January 2016