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Building the confidence to report to us

All Dorset Police officers and staff are ambassadors of Dorset Police and this is key to building trust and confidence with communities.  Every interaction we have leaves a footprint or memory and this can be good or bad.

For victims of hate crime, coming forward is a huge step and we need to understand this and reflect this understanding in our dealings with any victim.  This means recognising and providing, wherever possible, special requirements of the victim, this could be from providing information in an alternative format, providing an appropriate adult or indeed giving time to the victim to enable them to understand what we are explaining to them.  Recognising these needs will then build trust and confidence in us and the system and communities will feel reassured.

Comprehensive consultation and surveying has identified a common need and expectation for communities in Dorset to be:-

  • Listened to
  • Kept informed
  • Protected, and
  • Supported

In our dealings with victims of hate crimes and incidents we are seeking to meet this expectation.

Follow hate crime awareness week via the Dorset Police web site on http://www.dorset.police.uk/ and social media via Twitter @EqualityTeam #HCAW14.

Issued: 17 October 2014