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Bournemouth youth jailed for breaching ASBO

A 16-year-old boy from Bournemouth has been jailed after breaching his anti-social behaviour order (ASBO).

The boy was given an interim ASBO at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on 11 March 2013, after he had breached a previous anti-social behaviour contract.

The ASBO was imposed with seven conditions, including prohibiting him from being allowed to enter a mapped area of Southbourne, not to use – or incite/encourage anyone else to use – offensive, intimidating or abusive words or behaviour and not to associate with five of his friends.

Despite the ASBO being imposed, just two hours after leaving court the boy committed further anti-social behaviour, this time in Christchurch. He was involved in a further eight incidents and nine crimes before his next court appearance on 20 March 2013.   

At Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on 20 March 2013, a further interim ASBO was imposed, including additional conditions not to enter two mapped areas of Christchurch and not to associate with a further friend. 

The boy was arrested on 28 May 2013 for breaching his ASBO yet again and was remanded in police custody.

He returned to Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court on 30 May 2013 and a full anti-social behaviour order was granted for a two-year period.  He remained in police custody in relation to the earlier breaches of the interim ASBO and on 6 June 2013 he was sentenced to eight months detention.  

Sergeant Colin Neve said: “This is a good result for those Southbourne and Christchurch residents who were blighted by this boy’s continued anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“It also demonstrates our commitment to tackling ASB. We take reports of anti-social behaviour and crime very seriously and I hope this result serves as a lesson to others that we will continue to target those engaged in ASB.”

Issued: 11 June 2013