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Agencies join forces to target vehicle offences

Dorset Police traffic units have joined forces with staff from partner agencies to check vehicles travelling through Dorset.

On Tuesday 26 March 2013, Dorset Police traffic units, Dorset Trading Standards, the Environment agency and VOSA (Vehicle Operating Standards Agency) staff stopped a total of 65 vehicles as they travelled along the A31 and A338 at the Ashley Heath weigh bridge.

A total of 27 vehicles were found to be in breach of legislation – 18 of those vehicles were deemed sufficiently dangerous to be prohibited from further use until the defect was rectified or the driver had taken sufficient rest.

A further five drivers were issued with delayed start prohibition notices allowing them to continue to drive until a time stated on the notice.

Four vehicles were seized by police for having no insurance or driving without accordance to their licence, and several other vehicles were found to be without valid MOTs.

Sergeant John Wren, from Dorset Police Traffic Unit, said: “It is disappointing that 41% of the vehicles we stopped and checked were found to have offences.

“This operation is a good example of Dorset Police working in partnership with other agencies towards a safer Dorset.

“Dorset Police will continue to work with our partner agencies targeting drivers and vehicles to make sure that everyone using our roads is doing so as safely as possible.”

Issued: 2 April 2013