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50-50 CAR, safe-unsafe?

A team of talented young motor engineers employed by CAM Panelworks in Poole, have shown outstanding commitment to reducing road casualties in Dorset through the adaptation of a typical sporty hatchback creating a first class ’50-50’ CAR.  The car demonstrates the differences between a roadworthy and potentially lethal vehicle.

The 50-50 CAR concept was developed by Dorset Road Safe and Dorset Trading Standards. On close inspection, one side of the car is ready for the road and the other has numerous defects. The car was an un-roadworthy vehicle which had previously been scrapped and was chosen as it is a typical sporty hatchback, the type that appeals to younger drivers. An eye-catching zip now splits the car straight down the middle!

Jon Harris of Dorset County Council's Trading Standards Service says “This is an interesting project bringing together our work in communicating the dangers that sometimes exist when buying second hand cars along with road safety messages and the legal obligations of owning a vehicle. We are delighted that we can really engage with new drivers in Dorset. We want to ensure that all drivers, especially those who are buying their first car, are aware of the potential pitfalls when things may not be as they may appear”

Sue Virgin, Dorset County Council Road Safety Officer says “We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported this project - everyone we approached immediately agreed to help. The car was donated by Charles Trent Ltd, with modifications undertaken by CAM Panelworks in Poole. Other companies involved in the project include White & Company, Signline, Firstglass, Rainbow Paints Ltd and Insignia Signs and all works were generously undertaken free of charge.”

Helen Ricketts, Business Development Manager for Charles Trent Ltd says “Charles Trent Ltd are very proud to have donated the car for such a valuable initiative.  We believe it can make a real difference to how young people think and behave in relation to car and road safety which could save lives’.

The 50-50 CAR, through Dorset Road Safe partners and Trading Standards, is available for demonstration across Dorset in schools, colleges and at other relevant events. All '50-50 CAR' bookings are coordinated by LV=Streetwise. Please contact Alison Shelton on info@streetwise.org.uk or 01202 591330

The car was officially launched on 9 February 2011 at the North Road Campus of Bournemouth and Poole College, North Road, Poole. Representatives of those involved in the project were present and students at the college were given an opportunity to examine the car and see how many of the faults they could find.

For information on buying a used vehicle, contact your local authority's trading standards office or go to http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring and find the section marked 'advice on buying a vehicle'

50-50 car