Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to help us monitor how successful certain pages are on our website.

By doing so we get some indication of what people are interested in or have concerns about. It allows us, for example, to examine the internal search terms that people use to enable us to perceive holes in our subject matter which we can then, after careful consideration, create new pages for or provide links to other sites if the subject is not police related.

To enable us to do the above we embed a Google Analytics object into all of our webpages this in the words of Google does …

“Google Analytics processes this data and can infer a great deal of information including:

  • The total time a user spends on your site.
  • The time a user spends on each page and in what order those pages were visited.
  • What internal links were clicked (based on the URL of the next pageview).

In addition, the IP address, user agent string, and initial page inspection analytics.js does when creating a new tracker is used to determine things like the following:

  • The geographic location of the user.
  • What browser and operating system are being used.
  • Screen size and whether Flash or Java is installed.
  • The referring site.”​

Tell me more

  • we don’t do remarketing
  • we don’t use a user id
  • we don’t make a list of all the search engines you could be using
  • we don’t exclude any search terms
  • we don’t do any product linking or Adwords
  • we do pay some attention to the Audience Demographics (Ages below 18 are not included in Google’s standard report).
  • we do keep the data for 26 months so that we can compare last years with this year’s figures.
  • we set the session timeout to 30 minutes and the campaign timeout to six months (we don’t run any campaigns through Google).
  • we do pay attention to which site referred you to ours, usually Facebook, whether you are on mobile, tablet or desktop and which browser you use. 
  • We do pay attention to how many forms are being sent and documents being downloaded.
  • The Corporate Communications and Engagement Department
  • Local Policing teams
  • FOI and the Performance and analysis team

Every month some of the stats are contained in a Department Performance Document that various senior managers across the Force see.

If you have any questions please email communications@dorset.pnn.police.uk.