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Explanation of words and phrases

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The hearing of the case has not been completed and has been adjourned (postponed) to a future court date.

When an offender is convicted of an offence, the court may order him/her to pay an amount to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) towards the cost incurred by the CPS in bringing the prosecution.

A small number of cases are transferred to and dealt with by a court in another county, even though the offence(s) was/were committed in Dorset.  This may be due to the seriousness or complexity of the case or for some other procedural reason.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to continue with the prosecution for the offence.  This may be because there was no longer a realistic prospect of the defendant being convicted or it was not in the interests of justice to continue. 

The defendant has been found not guilty and the case against him/her was dismissed.

The offender will have to pay a sum of money to the court.  The fine amount is set by the court and reflects the seriousness of the offence and the offender’s ability to pay.

The case against the defendant for the particular charge/offence cannot continue without the court’s permission but because there is no verdict, the proceedings do not formally come to an end.

At the trial, the Crown Prosecution Service did not present any evidence in relation to the offence and the prosecution against the defendant for that offence was dismissed. 

The offender was found guilty of that particular offence but because he/she was also sentenced for one or more other offences, a separate sentence or penalty was not given for it.

The prosecution of the particular offence was not continued and the defendant was found not guilty in relation to it.

The court has halted any further legal action against the defendant for the particular charge/offence.  Although the court could lift the stay at a future date and allow the action to continue, the proceedings may be postponed indefinitely.

The charge/offence has been withdrawn and replaced with another charge/offence instead.

Fines given in court for criminal offences carry an additional ‘victim surcharge’ of £15.  This sum is paid into a central fund which is aimed at helping to improve services for victims of crime. 

The offence was withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service before a decision was made by the court.