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Reasons for using BWV

PCSO Wearing a BWV Camera

The Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police are clear in their ambition to become a world leading digital police force to enable front line police officers to be more effective as well as strengthening the police/public partnership.

Question: Will the camera always be on?

Answer: No - Officers will switch the camera on to capture a specific incident. The camera will not be used to film people indiscriminately. It is a tool available to the officer to record evidence in relation to allegations or investigations.

Officers will use video to record these incidents (and others where necessary for policing purposes)

  • Stop and search or stop and account
  • Stopping a motor vehicle
  • Attending premises to make an arrest
  • Searching premises/land/vehicles
  • And also in other critical incidents where:
    • Someone uses force against a another person or property
    • Giving an order to an individual or group under any statutory power
    • Where domestic abuse or modern slavery may be suspected.