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Body Worn Video

An image of officers wearing Body Worn Video Cameras

So, what is BWV?

The Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police Services are committed to ensuring that our officers receive the best possible equipment that supports them to deliver a quality policing service.The rollout of Body Worn Video in the 3 counties started in 2016, and work has continued to ensure both forces are at the leading edge of this technology.

Body Worn Video (BWV) will enable our officers to do this through increasing public confidence and allowing us to secure better evidence to strengthen our fight against crime, whilst supporting victims.

With support from both Police & Crime Commissioners we have been able to introduce a truly world class solution for our officers and the residents of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. 

BWV cameras are small, visible devices that are worn attached to the officers’ uniform (usually on the chest). They are used to capture both video and audio evidence when officers are attending all types of incidents. The position of the camera allows for those viewing the footage to see the situation from the officer's perspective. The camera acts as an independent witness to police actions and interactions.

What happens to the video?

The camera records the footage onto an internal and secure storage device. At the end of the officer's shift the footage is uploaded to secure infrastructure for use as evidence at court or other legal proceedings or automatically deleted if not required for a policing purpose.

You can download the Public Information Handout by clicking HERE.

You can view the Surveillance Commissioner Certificate of Compliance by clicking HERE

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Reasons for using BWV
There are many reasons when the camera will be used ...
Data Protection
Please take a look at the Data Protection page for both Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police ...
When will BWV be used?
and when we will not use the camera ...
About the cameras
A little more information about the cameras themselves ...
Your questions answered ...

Please note that the BWV Team cannot action requests for BWV recordings.

Any such requests require a 'Freedom of Information' request to be submitted. 

Please follow the link HERE to make such a request