Dorset Police moves back to Boscombe Hub

23 June 2016
Boscombe Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) has moved back into the Boscombe Hub, following effective partnership negotiations with Bournemouth Borough Council. On Friday 6 May 2016, a water leak occurred at a privately owned flat above the Boscombe Hub, resulting in damage to the police building and some equipment. As a result, Boscombe NPT has been temporarily operating from Christchurch police station. While this temporary relocation has had no impact on operational response or the requirements of the agreed neighbourhood policing model, returning the NPT to the Hub was identified as a priority. As such, an agreement was reached with Bournemouth Borough Council, who co-locate at the Hub, to enable the NPT to return to the site. The council team members will move temporarily to another part of the Hub building, freeing up space for the police to move into their office. The agreement, which includes the council granting permission for the NPT to use their server, was reached quickly and exemplifies the kind of partnership work that the Boscombe Regeneration project embodies. Bournemouth Chief Inspector, Mike Claxton, said: “Getting the NPT back to Boscombe was our highest priority. We are really grateful to the council for helping to facilitate this, particularly to the partners working within the Hub who have agreed to move offices whilst the repair work is completed. “Although operating from Christchurch had no detrimental impact on the service provided to the public, it is fundamentally important to us that we have a presence in the community. The NPT is excited to be back in the area and will continue to tackle local issues in partnership with others.”

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