‘100 Days of Summer’ initiative reduces anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and public place violence in Weymouth

24 September 2019

A policing initiative in Weymouth has reduced reports of antisocial behaviour by 22 per cent over the summer in the Melcombe Regis area of the town.   

The number of shoplifting reports also fell by 35 per cent and public place violence fell by 18 per cent between June and August.   

The initiative saw Weymouth Neighbourhood Policing Team officers on dedicated foot patrols in the town centre at key locations and times in a bid to reduce anti-social and criminal behaviour.  

A poll held on social media found that 84 per cent of people felt the 100 days initiative had been successful, with 78 per cent agreeing that the town had felt safer as a result.   

Over the summer, police constables and police community support officers (PCSOs) have been visible around the town on a daily basis, supported by special constables and Dorset Council community safety patrol officers.

The initiative built upon a 2018 project where the local neighbourhood team trialled an evidence-based approach, proven to reduce ASB and criminal behaviour, by carrying out patrols in hotspot areas at key times. 

Weymouth and Portland Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant Sam Goom said: “Over the three-month initiative, my team has delivered daily foot patrols in the Melcombe Regis area which has seen a huge impact, not only on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, but also on ensuring that residents and visitors to Weymouth feel safe and are able to enjoy their time here.

“My team has issued 28 dispersal notices to 25 people, effectively banning people from a certain area for a set period as well as four criminal behaviour orders, one of which was breached and resulted in a six-month prison sentence.

“Weymouth remains a safe place, but there is always room to make things better for residents and visitors.”  

Superintendent Caroline Naughton said: “It is clear this initiative has been a great success and feedback from councillors and the wider community has been incredibly positive.   

“We will be continuing our work with partners, including the British Transport Police, Dorset Council, Weymouth Town Council, BID, RNLI, The Lantern Trust, Julian House and REACH, to continue this great success.   

“The initiative will now be known as #BootsOnTheGround and will see more joint patrols with the local authority community safety patrol officers at key times and locations.”  

You can continue to follow the work of the team by liking the ‘Weymouth and Portland Police’ page on Facebook or ‘@WeyPortPolice’ on Twitter and Instagram. 

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